BeAwesome: #157 Dad (Family Edition)

BeAwesome: #157 Dad

A Dad can be called a lot of different things. The term is used loosely in natural conversation. Some of us have our own definition of Dad. With that, we know, some of our ideas should probably not be discussed over the internet (but it is true). Unfortunately there are bad Dads out there.(What ever that means). I will let you define that.

I am not a Dad, but here is a definition as to what their job entitles.


Dads are special. They are the only individuals on earth who can change their emotions in a split second (literally) The can be annoying(;-) They can ask you to do things you absolutely hate. They can make you do things your mom cannot make you do (#truefact). They are caring. They are overwhelming. They are protective (seen it, saw it, experienced it). Dads can be the glue to a family or the cherry on a sundae. Dads are smart. Dads are the understanding. Dads understand things that no one else can seem to get or put together. Dads work hard. Dads make you mow the lawn. Dads make you put clothes on (particularly daughters.ahah) Dads make you say thank you. Dads like to read books. Some Dads cook. If you have an individual in your life in which you call Dad or father, cherish it. So many people would trade you for that opportunity in a heart beat. Don’t wait until fathers day to say “I love you”. Those who are AWESOME appreciate these individuals. Dads are great. Dads are/can be the rock of a family. Dad (Love ya)

-BeAwesome  (HugYoDaddy)


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