BeAwesome: #158 Mom (Family Edition)

BeAwesome: #158 Mom

A Mom can be called a lot of different things. The term is used loosely in natural conversation. Some of us have our own definition of Mom. With that, we know, some of our ideas should probably not be discussed over the internet (but it is true). Unfortunately there are bad Moms out there.(What ever that means). I will let you define that.

I am not a mother, but here is a definition as to what their job entitles.


Moms are special. Moms are often called best friends. A Mom can fix your eyebrows when they are out-of-place. Moms kiss you on the cheek. Moms hug you in front of your friends. Moms cry. Moms try not to make you upset. Moms work hard. Moms cook (well most you). Moms care. Moms over care. Moms will always worry. Moms are curious. Moms like to talk. Moms like to know your business(;-)  Let them in (sometimes), they make sense of everything. Moms have a way of getting you to say things you really do not want to say. Moms are sneaky. Moms are spys (#truefact).  Some moms drive soccer vans. Moms cheer. Moms demand attention. Moms laugh. Moms really mean well. Don’t wait until mothers day to say “I love you”. Those who are AWESOME appreciate these individuals. Dads are great. Dads are/can be the rock of a family. Mom (Love ya)

-BeAwesome  (HugYoMomma)


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