BeAwesome: #159 Sister

BeAwesome: #159 Sister

A sister can be called a lot of different things. The term is used loosely in natural conversation. Some of us have our own definition of sister. With that, we know, some of our ideas should probably not be discussed over the internet (but it is true). Unfortunately there are bad sisters out there.(What ever that means). I will let you define that.

I am not a sister, but here is a definition as to what their job entitles.


Sisters are special. Some people understand what sisters are all about and some don’t. We can all have sisters if we want, they do not have to be biological connected to you (duh). If you have a sister, enjoy her and take advantage of this pleasure. Spend lots of time with this individual. Sisters listen. Sisters laugh ALOT. Sisters care.  Sisters are interesting. Sisters make tough moments easy. Sisters go out of their way to please others. Sisters dress-up. Sisters are protectors. Sisters look out for those who are close to them. Sisters hug. Sisters are know everything (well think they do). Sisters fight (particularly with you ahah). Sisters support. Sisters give advice. Sisters will always want the best for you know matter what you decide to do in life. Don’t wait until it is your sister’s birthday to say “I love you”. Those who are AWESOME appreciate these individuals. Sisters are great. Sisters are/can be the rock of a family. Sister (Love ya)


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