BeAwesome: #160 Brother (Family Edition)

BeAwesome: #160 Brother

A brother can be called a lot of different things. The term is used loosely in natural conversation. Some of us have our own definition of a brother. With that, we know some of our ideas should not be discussed over the internet (but it is true). Unfortunately there are bad brothers out there. (What ever that means). I will let you define that.

I am a BROTHER, and here is a definition as to what my job entitles.


Brothers are special. Brothers are really special :-). Sometimes more special than sisters (ahahha. kidding)(sorta). They are loving. Caring, and always there when you need them. Brothers are smart. Brothers are strong and tough. Brothers look out for their loved ones. Brothers are protective (particularly towards female members in their family). A Brother is someone you can talk to when you feel upset or when you think your life is upside down. Brothers are funny. Brothers joke. Brothers can be awkward. Brothers need to know. Brothers help. Brothers tease and make a mess. Having a brother means someone you can count on no matter the situation or occasion. Don’t wait until your brother’s birthday to say “I love you”. Those who are AWESOME appreciate these individuals. Brothers are/can be the rock of a family. Brother (That’s me!)



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