BeAwesome: #162 Model

BeAwesome: #162 Model

I never thought a role model should be negative- Michael Jordan

Each person must live their life as a model for others- Rosa Parks


I do not know any models (that I can think of anyways/sorry), but the meaning behind the word is more than a pretty face or a package of $60 dollar make-up. Modelling is an important part of life and interaction with people. Model good behaviour. Model a good attitude. When you think people are not watching, you are wrong. Model. When you think you are not being judged, again, you are wrong. Model. It does not matter what others think if you are modelling an AWESOME citizen. Be a leader. Walk down your own runaway. Move and model your own ideas and thoughts in mind. Model success. Model what it takes to be yourself. Model your own clothing. Model your hips. Model your smile. Model a kind heart. Model business. Those who are AWESOME model. Everyday is a runway. We model (try to model) the good we are creating through the love of a passion we display every day. Model



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