BeAwesome: #164 Party

BeAwesome: #164 Party

Life may not be the party we hoped for but while we are here we should dance-Unanimous


Of course everyone likes to party. Everyone likes to have a good time right? I’m a custom to, “Hey, do you like to party?” or ” Hey, do you like to have fun?”. Often as a joke or some form of teasing. And, hey, I do not mind that. But like many other words, party has a variety of meanings. Before anything, I will set the record straight, “I do like to party”. What I think a lot of people get confused with is wasting time and being irresponsible. When should I party? Party when appropriate. Party with friends and loved ones. Party when your work is done. I repeat. Party when your work is done. Understand the difference between right now and later, take the responsibility and finish something you started before the party. Party hard. Dance. Bust a move. Have fun. But put in the commitment and determination first. To party does not mean drink (Yes I went there). To party does not mean pop and chips either. Party means you’ve decided to take a moment/amount of time and embrace the fact that you’ve worked so hard to get to this point. Those who are AWESOME party. We do not do it often, but when we do..We do it right. Party 


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