BeAwesome: #165 Pass

BeAwesome: #165 Pass

Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living- Anais Nin


Pass. Sometimes it is really hard to pass on something. Pass up. Pass by. Pass away:-( Passing is hard, but it is a part of life. We must sit and think about passing. We must understand that passing is okay. It is something we must decide on or allow to take place. We have very little control of some passing. We pass up on things all the time. Things we never really think about or sit down and discuss with others. Things pass by. We usually sit and watch or go running after. Again, this is a part of life. Pass means pressure. Obligation. And sometimes captivity and almost a victim of our own kindness or misjudgment. It is okay to pass. We are allowed to pass on something. With passing comes a result. Consequences and decisions. Pass up on anything that hinders your experience while trying to reach your goal. Pass up on changes you are not sure about. Pass up. Take risk but be careful. (Sounds like common sense, but common sense is not common anymore) Pass on good energy. Those who are AWESOME pass. When discussing pass, deep thought and passionate thinking goes into hardwork. Pass



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