BeAwesome: What is Cool?

BeAwesome: What is Cool?

The definition of cool has changed within the last 5-10 years. It seems quite comfortable today, but it often changes and shifts when feels appropriate. Cool use to be following the crowd and trying to be like your favourite superstar or Hollywood musician. Cool use to be dressing up like your best friend or putting on loads of makeup to hide your face. Cool use to be buying the most expensive shoes to it fit in or trying something dangerous so a specific group or individual will like you. Like said above, cool has changed over the years. Let’s go back for a minute to see what was cool:



In 2000 we had “Bye, Bye, Bye” by Nsync. Pretty sweet track. For the most part, everyone enjoyed this tune and enjoyed these young gentlemen expressing themselves through new and creative ways in music. We had “Country Grammar” by Nelly, “Oops” by Britney, and “Who let the Dogs out” by ? (Actually have no idea). All of these tracks were cool. I must admit, I caught myself singing “Who let the dogs out” on a number of occasions. In 2000 we had Kazaa. Everyone is guilty of using or trying to use this downloading search engine before it quickly turned your computer into a walking virus. But during the first few weeks it was literally called heaven. It was everything a kid could ask for. Again, pretty cool. We had Bandanas. If you look back on popular individuals in Hollywood and even sports, yup they all wore Bandanas. We had flames? Something about flames I’m not sure about, but it worked during the time. Flames on tshirts, jeans, hats, book bags. Again, not sure about this one either but it worked for some people. We started to enjoy hot and vibrant colours such as Hot pink. Vintage was starting to bring its way back. And we had frosted tips? ummm enough said about 2000. Overall pretty sweet year, pretty Cool.



In 2005 we had an interesting year. Skinny jeans (Kanye amongst others) started to wear jeans that fit. Rather tight, but appropriate for most occasions. SAGGING (WAS OUT). Guilty of this popular idea as well (SMH). Gwaen Stefani, Will Smith and Green Day had a great year in music. XBox 360 was a hit. Started to tamper with young minds and break-up relationships in the process. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was a huge success (like every other Harry Potter movie), and Madagascar (one of my favourites) was released as well. New England beat Philly in the Superbowl (Sorry Ross). The most popular baby name was Emma and Aidan. Twitter started something called “putting your self out there”. Allow anyone and everyone to express, literally their EVER thought worldwide over the internet (brilliant idea). And of course Facebook. <– Don’t know what to say about you. Overall, pretty sweet year, pretty Cool.



This year isn’t half way over, but it is looking to be a great year. Why? Well let’s think about. Today, we can be ourselves more than ever before. For the most part, we have every right to express ourselves through fashion, thought, creative ability and soul. Unlike the past years, we know longer have to create a false person to be cool. Unlike the past years, we no longer have to act out of the ordinary for attention. Today’s cool is being yourself. Today’s cool is doing what you love and loving the supportive group around you. Today’s cool is heartfelt and warm. Today’s cool is not caring what others think. Today’s cool is following your own heart. Be Cool. So far, pretty sweet year, pretty cool.

Don’t be a victim of following a path, that others think you are good at. You are smart you are bright, decide for yourself.



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