BeAwesome: #166 Arrange

BeAwesome: #166 Arrange

Arrange whatever pieces come your way- Virginia Woolf 

If you can’t beat them, arrange to have them beaten- George Carlin 


What is wrong with being neat? Being organized? Attractive or in order? What is wrong with making plans or putting something into place for the future? Why not arrange and be prepared. It is okay to have a plan. It is okay to look ahead and “want” something to happen (as long as you’ve been working hard for it). It is okay to have something in place so you are prepared for this something to happen, or to make sure this something runs smoothly. Being prepared and/or arranging something is important to everyday life. Arrange a meeting ( Don’t just show up). Arrange a date ( know what you are doing/where you are going). Arrange your future (write it out/talk to someone about it). Discuss and arrange what you are trying to do with life. To arrange means to put together a variety of activities, thoughts and ideas so your tomorrow has an image in which you can focus on. To arrange allows you to manage your time and efforts in particular places you desire. Those who are AWESOME arrange.


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