BeAwesome: #168 Select

BeAwesome: #168 Select

Select good company. Select good friends. Select good health- Unanimous  


Being able to select something is great. Have you ever thought how much of a blessing or privilege this option or idea can be. Millions of people around the world are not able to select “things” for a variety of reasons. Selecting is “sometimes” an option. There is only plan A for some people. Some individuals have one choice and one choice only. This is why we must begin now and select with a great purpose and sincerity in our choices. When we select. Select a good attitude and use it to fight anything negative in your life. Select good company. Create a support group worth having around or talking to. Select an idea or a goal. Long or short-term and start it. Select a feeling. Select a feeling and remember it. Select good music. Be happy. Those who are AWESOME select. Selecting anything takes time and a valuable evaluation of the process. Take your time. Be grateful and select. Select


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