BeAwesome: #170 Refuse

BeAwesome: #170 Refuse

Choose a subject equal to your abilities; think carefully what your shoulders may refuse, and what they are capable of bearing- Horace 


Something we struggle with. Something we need to do more of. Something we need to remember all the time. How to refuse. Others will offer. Strangers will request. Bestfriends and family will get involved (not saying this is bad), but we must teach ourselves how to refuse when appropriate. When situations ask for refusing. Refuse to allow others to change your mind. The direction you are going or would love to go (Refuse but listen/take advice). Refuse to give up. Prove all doubters wrong. When the pain is unbearable, and your thoughts are telling you to give up or give in, refuse. Keep going. Refuse to allow emotions to get in the way of success or happiness. Refuse to allow inner strength to break down and stop trying. Refuse to settle. Refuse to settle for less than your hard work and high expectations. Refuse to stop the grind. The sweat. The eagerness to complete. Those who are AWESOME refuse. We are not defiant. We listen and take advice all the time. But we refuse to allow outside sources to influence our path in a negative life. Refuse



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