BeAwesome: #173 Stubborn

BeAwesome: #173 Stubborn

Being stubborn has helped, being selfish is not a bad thing- Herbie Mann 


I must admit I am a little stubborn. Some believe being stubborn is all bad (I’d disagree with this). Internet definition: Having or showing dogged determination not to change ones attitude or position on something or difficult to move, remove or cure. What is wrong that? In simple and complicated situations, yes (of course) this could be a problem. But I insist that you have a stubborn bone in your body. It is okay to be stubborn. Being stubborn means having perseverance. Being determined to complete or get something across to others. Being stubborn means figuring it out on your own. Relying on oneself. Being stubborn is being tough. Teaching yourself. Being competitive. Not settling for what is just said. Not settling for what is just done. Being stubborn allows you to live in a world with strong personalities who are often trying to influence “you” to be like them or resemble something of their nature. Those who are AWESOME are stubborn. Not to the point were it is a conflict. Not to the point were it causes a problem. Only to the point were we trust in believe in something we are doing or saying. Stubborn



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