BeAwesome: #176 Original

BeAwesome: #176 Original

I stay true to myself and my style, and I am always pushing myself to be aware of that and be original- Aaliyah (R.i.P)


Way back when, we found a definition for Authentic. And like this definition, original is very similar in context. We all like to think we are original (in ways we are). But we are also made up of bits and pieces of others as well. Being original is not just about going off and creating something the world has never seen (even though this is pretty cool). Or buying the craziest pair of shoes or putting on the most make-up. Buying the a new car. Eating the most ice cream. Being original is about finding yourself. Creating an image through what you’ve been taught from others (parents/role models) that cannot be copied, or even modified. For one, why would you want to be like someone else? Put on the clothes you are comfortable with. Tie your shoes the way you want them to be tied. Never shy away from an opportunity to be “you”. Never shy away from something you like or a way you feel because of way others think. Being different is good. Being different is what separates you from everyone else. Those who are AWESOME are original. We create our own style. We create ourselves. Original 



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