BeAwesome: #182 Accountable

BeAwesome: #182 Accountable

Life is not accountable to us. We are accountable to life- Denis Waitley 


What you do is you. You are your every footstep, movement and voice you carry. You are accountable. You are true to your skin and what it displays and shows. Think about it. Your success is not determined by others. Do not blame others for your lack of accomplishments. Lack of happening. Lack of hope. Everyone says they want to be successful. But know one wants to be accountable for what they do. And how they do. You are accountable for your actions. The way you train. The way you practice success. You are accountable for your being. Make the most of it. Breathe it. Believe it. Be accountable for your life, and how you go about your day. Be accountable for your mistakes. Mess ups. Language and manner. Be accountable for love. How you treat one another. The more you hold yourself accountable, the more responsibility and care will go into your profession and skill. The amount of error will diminish. Those who are AWESOME are accountable. Accountable


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