BeAwesome: #183 Chase

BeAwesome: #183 Chase

Chase your passion, not your pension- Denis Waitley 


Will Smith said, “ There is no reason to have a plan B, it distracts you from plan A. Chasing a dream does not mean putting all of your eggs in one basket. It is asking you to maintain a focus on a specific love for doing. Doing what makes you happy. A love you have for getting it done. Chase in a way that is long-lasting and self-worthy of your actions. Realistic? Don’t be realistic. Why be normal and do something everyone else wants you to do. Make it your duty to chase the path in which makes you comfortable. What makes you want to move forward. Chase what ever it is you believe in. Believe it. Continue to be positive. Take criticism. Chase your thoughts and imagination. Allow your ideas to become reality. Understand that what you want is possible and the only person in the way of that is you. Those who are AWESOME chase. We chase what ever it is we want. We know that with faith and hard work, we will eventually reach our goal. We enjoy the thrill and excitement just before the finish line. Chase



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