BeAwesome: #184 Time

BeAwesome: #184 Time

If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over- John Wooden


We can wake up an complain all we want. We can be angry at ourselves and those around us for not accomplishing our goals or giving up. We can feel pressured and tempted to do or stop something easily. We all say, “Im not good at this” or “I will never be as good as (soandso)”. If we look back, whose actually hurting who in this situation. So and so doesn’t care. And the people around you, maybe, just maybe they are interested. Time is about doing it right, not getting it done. The tick toc never stops. An individual who is serious about success will always be aware of the time. Time is precious. Time is important. Take a second and figure out a plan and use time wisely. We underestimate the power of time. Like yesterday we were between elementary and junior high school. Today we are finished university or working a paying job. Tomorrow we are following a dream and working towards new heights. Time fly’s. Cherish every moment in time, because like yesterday, time is fast and never stops. Those who are AWESOME value time. We spend time doing it right so our mistakes are decreased and our learning is always at a high level. Time



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