BeAwesome: #185 Protect

BeAwesome: #185 Protect

People protect what they love- Jacques Yves Cousteau 


It is in our blood to protect. Protect those of who we love. Protect something we care about. Some of us have an instinct for standing in front of things. Some of us enjoy being brave and standing up for what we believe in. With all of that, while following a path that you’ve created, others will think less of you (truefact). Some will distant themselves. Think you are foolish or unrealistic. And you know what, maybe you are unrealistic. Maybe you are foolish. But who are they to judge. Protect your dreams with a shield. Stand up and walk tall for what you believe needs protecting. You do not need others to help you protect what you love. Sure, some will be willing but others again you do not need. Protecting is about trusting an idea. Blocking out negative influences and behaviour. Believing that your shield is strong enough to go as far as you want it to. It takes a strong individual to protect what they cherish and care dearly about. Lots of people easily let their guard down when someone disagrees or gives a suggestion. Don’t be that person. Those who are AWESOME protect. We do not allow the outside to crumble our imagination. We continue on. We protect our thoughts. Protect



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