BeAwesome: #186 Supply

BeAwesome: #186 Supply

Supply yourself with the tools you need to be successful. Be nice. Enjoy others. Have fun. Work Hard- Unanimous 


Everyone remembers the first day of school. Wait. I’m not talking high school or university. I remember the day before school,  picking out pencils and binders with my mom. I’m talking elementary, grade 3. I’m talking grade 4 and grade 5.Their were 3 days left before the first day of school, and your mom (dad/grandma/aunt/etc) had to rush to pick out your supply list. We had glue stick. Crayons and coloured pencils (If your lucky, Mr. Sketch Scented Markers). Plastic scissors. Rulers. Pencil cases. Not to mention Troll toppers (Look it up if you forget/Or maybe I’m that old and you are that young). Who ever decided to supply you with the necessary materials to assist you in the classroom had an idea. This supply of tools were put together to help you be successful. Today, go out and pick up what ever supply it is that you need that will keep you going. What ever supply that will help you prefect your craft. That may mean finding the right support group. Finding the right mind-set or energy. Whatever type of supply you need, you need to find it. Those who are AWESOME supply. We supply ourselves with what ever it is that keeps our drive and ambition alive. Supply  


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