BeAwesome: #187 Faith 1.5

BeAwesome: #187 Faith

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies- Mother Teresa 


When we think about faith, the first thing that comes to mind(usually) is God (Religion/Church/Bible etc). Because this is such a touchy subject a lot of people shy away from the conversation. Our world has very strong views about this idea. Everyone has their opinion on what is true. How people got here. Why us (people) do the things we do. Why our skin colours are different. Languages. Personalities. The opinions we hear about, and often judge, are spread through others every single day. Are they wrong? Well that depends on what you believe in. Who should we listen to? When it comes to faith, it has a variety of meanings. Have faith in all people. Hoping the so-called bad can become good. Have faith in yourself. Believe your idea and the road you are walking on. Have faith in your heart. Let it lead you during the struggle and the happiness. Have faith in hard work. Have faith in the cycle. Starting from the bottom, and finally reaching to the top. Those who are AWESOME have faith. Believe in something. Something good. Something that is nice and demands kindness to one another. Have faith. Faith  


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