BeAwesome: #188 Sleep

BeAwesome: #188 Sleep

Most of you don’t want success as bad as you want to sleep. Some of you love sleep more than you love success. If you want to be successful, you have to be willing to give up sleep– Eric Thomas 


A lot of people love to sleep. It is something that our body needs. Some people can go days without sleeping. Some people cannot go 3 hours without the pillow. We are humans, we do need to re-energize our bodies somehow. But. Being awake means a number of different things, if for the right reasons. When you have a picture in mind. A book. A story that is slowly being written by you. We understand that 24 hours in a day, sometimes is not enough. Every time you procrastinate. Every time you take a break. Watch t.v. Hang out with family. Friends. Etc. This is time(See post on time) we cannot get back (I’m not saying this is bad/Keep reading). Spend an extra hour or two reading for that test. Spend an extra hour or two shooting in the gym preparing for the game. Spend and extra hour running, writing or even planning your next move. Spend an extra hour working towards a dream. A lot of people go to sleep unsatisfied with what happen throughout the day. Sleep when satisfied. If you aren’t tired, keep working. Don’t be afraid to watch the sun come up because you are working towards your ideal lifestyle or dream. Those who are AWESOME sleep, but only when we are tired. We push ourselves to the limit. Sleep is a rare word in our vocabulary. Sleep  


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