BeAwesome: #190 Comfy

BeAwesome: #190 Comfy

Never get too close. Never get to comfy– Anonymous


Get comfy but not to comfy. Get comfy with the realization that you can do what ever you want in life. Be relaxed and come to an agreement with yourself that today and tomorrow are going to be the best two days of your life. Think about the possibilities of being comfy in your very own skin. Be comfy with your mind and your idea of success and how you are going to get there. Put on some pyjamas. Grab a pillow and get comfy. Be at ease with your own thoughts and the direction you are headed. Be comfy with the people around you, the supporters of your habits and ideas fully. Want to be comfortable with others and their opinions on self. Be comfy with your work. If you are not comfy you need to figure out a way to get comfy. Why live a life without comfort. Or living comfy. Life is about living comfy and doing what you love while being successful. Those who are AWESOME are comfy. We are comfy because we do what we love. Or are on a path of doing so. We know that it takes uncomfortable to be comfy. Comfy  



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