BeAwesome: #191 Talent

BeAwesome: #191 Talent

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious- Albert Einstein

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships- Michael Jordan


A lot of people believe in talent. And of course they are right, there is such thing as talent. A lot of people believe in talent because they’ve seen it or are a product of it. Those who have great talent work really hard. Again, like in previous post, NO ONE is born with talent. You can name or ask any (so-called) great or special individual in the world, and I guarantee their talent started with work ethic. You can’t simply wake up and be talented, or have talent. Natural ability? Well this is partially true, but it takes work ethic to get to the next level. There are lots of average people in the world. Don’t settle and be one of them. All of these individuals have talent. But not as much talent as others because of their work ethic.Anyone and everyone can be talented. You are talented. But do you have work ethic to build that talent. Use your talent to create bigger dreams. Use your talent to encourage yourself to train and practice your craft that much harder. Those who are AWESOME have talent. We have talent but we work hard to reach greatness, in which we strive to leave a legacy not just a memory. Talent


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