BeAwesome: #192 How to Identify a “Hater”

BeAwesome: #192 How to identify a “Hater”

How to Identify A Hater:

Well first what is the definition? The definition may vary between me and you. I’m sure you’ve run across a few haters during your day. They come in all shapes and sizes, colours, backgrounds, ethnic groups and personalities. It is very hard to determine who is a hater and who is not. Today’s society is smarter, and more clever with their hate parade. To be a hater you must do one or some of the following ( No particular order):


  1. Look down on others
  2. Disagree with something/someone for no reason
  3. Influence bad behaviour
  4. Take away happiness when ever the opportunity
  5. Encourage one to stay mediocre
  6. Allow friends to be average
  7. Continuously encourage others to do what “you”want
  8. Disagree with hard work
  9. Crush another individuals dream or goal
  10. Stand in the way of someone else’s opportunity (on purpose)
  11. Be outrageously selfish
  12. Never smile
  13. Bad attitude towards others
  14. Be overly confident making your voice somewhat annoying
  15. Always take and never give
  16. Spread rumours
  17. Continuously jealous
  18. “Always” pick the opposite of everyone else’s choice/decision
  19. Never in a good mood
  20. Never gives credit to someone else

If you find yourself doing any of the listed characteristics above, you can categorize yourself as a hater. It is definitely nothing to be proud of. I advise you to take a good look in the mirror at yourself. Come to a conclusion in how you can become a better person. If you decide not to change, that is okay, those who are AWESOME need people like you to continue pushing us to the limit. Keep it up the good work! And thanks for being a hater;-)


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