BeAwesome: #194 Attract

BeAwesome: #194 Attract

We do not attract what we want, but what we are- James Lane Allen 

Warning: You may not like what you are about to read…


To be blunt. Some people attract all of the wrong things. …. they ask why or how (how do you ask why) before looking in the mirror at yourself. How do you ask why after seeing the reaction from others. Attract the wrong behaviour. Attract the wrong people. Attract the wrong ideas. Attract the wrong crowd. You do not have to attract these things. You do not have to put yourself in this position. You have a choice. You find these things interesting so you explore them. YOU put yourself in these situations. Even though you know ( I repeat, you know) they are not going to turn out the way you want them to. You somehow have to learn how to attract good company. You some how have to learn how to attract good behaviour. Attract butterflies instead of dragons (nothing against dragons :-). Think about it. Break out of the idea that you are  a magnet for certain attractions. This is mental. And you need to begin to attract something different. Those who are AWESOME attract. We make a choice. We think about situations. And attract the best thing possible that will help our future and life. Attract 


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