BeAwesome: #195 Within

BeAwesome: #195 Within

Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?- Bob Marley 


Some of us complain that we are weak. Some of us complain that we are tired and want to give up. Some of us do not understand that everything we need is within us (internally). If you really want something, you do not need super powers to accomplish it. In order for anyone to reach their full potential they must create empowerment and inspiration of self doing. Every individual posses the power to complete a task. Carry out an occupation. And complete a job to the best of their ability. (Of course help will be granted) But you can discover strengthens on your very own if you focus and become intrigued by your goals toward success.  Once you understand how strong you are internally, and within, you will know longer rely on outside sources to boost your motivation. Individuals who find an extra gear within are able to become leaders through influence. Make a difference through attitude. And create change through defining goals. The only way to find out what you have inside you is pushing yourself to the limit. Those who are AWESOME look within. Digging deep when you think you have nothing left. Within 


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