BeAwesome: #197 Lose

BeAwesome: #197 Lose

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope- Martin Luther King Jr.


You win some you. You lose some. But you live to fight another day (#Friday). We play the game with expectations to win. If you win great. If you lose. You learn from it. And figure out what you need to do (prepare) yourself for better results the next time. IF you want to be really good at something you must be willing to lose first. Lose second. And possibly lose the third and forth time as well. You must see and feel what it is like to struggle. You must remember this feeling. The pain. The suffering. The frustration. And of course. Lose the bad reputation. Commit yourself to being the best-you. A bad way of thinking. Lost it. The thought. Lost it. The voice that tells you that you can’t. Lost it. Believe in fairy tales. In a life that you imagine. Never lose site of the road you  want to travel on. Those who are AWESOME lose. We lose because it is our way of learning. It is something we value. It is something we take into consideration. We love to win, but understand why losing is important. Lose 



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