BeAwesome: #199 Because

BeAwesome: #199 Because

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies- Mother Teresa


Because others think you can’t. Try harder. Because others believe you will give up. Prove them wrong. Just because you have failed a number of times. Keep going. Because everyone is watching. Make it happen. Because you are worthy. Trust yourself. Because you are special. Smile often. Because this life is yours. Deserve the best. Because this thought in mind. Be positive. Because this life is chance. Keep taking. Because you are motivated. Be confident. Because you love what you do. You are rich. Because you are rich. Start sharing. The knowledge you have gained is important. Because of this knowledge you are different. Because you are different don’t be the same. Because you control your future create your fame. All of the because (ses) in the world can determine your train of thought. These because (ses) can highly influence what you do everyday. Your daily routine. How you treat others. What you eat. What you love and what to do with your life. Never allow someone else’s because  to change your future. Never allow you own because to get in the way of what you like and what you think you are capable of accomplishing. Those who are AWESOME control their because. Because is a positive influence. Because



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