BeAwesome: A Lesson on Saving

BeAwesome: A Lesson on Saving

Saving is a matter of two things. 1. Time 2. Place. Understand these two and things will be alright- Anonymous


Stop saving your energy for one defining moment. Stop saving your love and heart for someone who is not willing to share the same affection with you. Stop saving a word. Or phrase that is itching to be used or spoken. Stop saving a smile. Stop saving hard work and use it every day at the task you full forth. Stop saving. Don’t go out and empty your bank account. Don’t begin to act silly and hurt your self while trying to push yourself to the limit. Think about what you have left in the tank. Can you drive that extra mile before filling up. Can you lift up that extra rep before your arms give out. Can you run that extra kilometre before your feet give in. Stop saving and use what you have left before reaching into your bank account and exploring more options. Stop saving your great idea, and go out and make it happen. Stop saving that extra effort, and do a little more each day with what you have. Think about the benefits of right now. And the possibilities of tomorrow by giving it your all, day in and day out. Get excited. Find pleasure in what you love. Stop saving. This is not meant for you to consider not saving. It is meant for you to understand the meaning of giving it your all, all the time you are asked to perform and practice. Those who are AWESOME save (when appropriate) and stop saving when the time is right. If you learn to practice the way you want to perform you will be the best at what you do. It is that simple. Lesson on saving



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