BeAwesome: #201 Opportunity (Re-Posted)

BeAwesome: #201 Opportunity

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual- Albert Einstein 

Opportunity(You Decide)

Opportunity is something presented to us every day. We as humans have the opportunity every day to make a change in our lives. Inspire a change. A change in something or someone else. We have the power to do this. We talk about choice. And choice and opportunity are very similar. You can decide (and have the right to) take action on either if you may choose. Every opportunity is a gift. It is a gift of something bigger and greater. Always think greater. Never settle for the first opportunity that arrives. If so. Remember (like above) use this as a stepping stone for greater success. No matter who you are. Trust your ability through every opportunity. Every morning, if you are grateful and given the opportunity to wake up, and prepare for your day, you can change your life. If you are unsatisfied. If you are unhappy. This stage you are going through. You have an opportunity every day to change. (Repeat that last line) Those who are AWESOME take it upon themselves to use opportunity when it arrives. It is up to YOU. Opportunity



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