BeAwesome: #202 Wise

BeAwesome: #202 Wise

Life’s Tragedy is that we get old to soon and wise too late- Benjamin Franklin 


A wise man once told me, “Those who work hard and give when ever possible, will live a happy and successful life”. We are all-wise. We all understand the many aspects and philosophies of life. Our journey and walk towards life and its meaning encourages wise thoughts and wise meanings of doing and being able (read that again). Make smart and wise decisions to change what is not right or correct in your life (you be the judge). You. You are the only person who can change what is in front of you. Make wise choices. Beliefs. And actions. If there is a slight disgruntle or unhappiness. Uneasy. Sadden thought by those around you. You are probably doing something wrong. Something not just right. A happy and successful individual is always looking out for themselves. And always looking out for others at the same time. Stay wise. Think about your thoughts. Those who are AWESOME are wise. Every answer is thought out.The decision you have. Is Wise. Wise



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