BeAwesome: #204 Digest

BeAwesome: #204 Digest

Sometimes things in life take a few years to digest, and they find their way into the work later on- Beck


Digest the meaning of life and how you want it to play out. Break-down every obstacle and outcome. Decide what it is you want, digest it, and go get it. Eat fear. And never pack failure for lunch. Have success for breakfast. Eat a goal for snack. Drink ambition on the regular. Digest. Take it in and believe it. The nutrients. The apple of life. Digest something good, and take something good from it. Smile. I always ask that you smile. Digest a good feeling. A feeling that convinces you to try. And try harder. When the times get rough. Unbearable. Heated. Uncomfortable. Digest it. Experience it and move on. Digesting something is about breaking it down into pieces, and using what you have and your  experience as something your future can use as a stepping stone. Digest it. What you hate. What you can’t stand. What you look at in disgust. Digest it. Understand the meaning behind it and why it is “rightnow” a part of your life. Make it positive. Those who are AWESOME digest. We break down good and bad behaviours of “ourselves”. We take experiences and digest the meaning behind it. Digest



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