BeAwesome: #206 Heart

BeAwesome: #206 Heart

The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart- Buddha 


A heart is something we need to take great care of. We all believe (myself included) that a heart is special and should be guided with love and handled with great care and sincerity. A heart is nothing to play with. Individuals who play with hearts are immature and do not understand the meaning of a heart. Some simply do not know the meaning. They are not doing this type of ignorance on purpose. Some, like I said, do not know the meaning. A heart is soft. A heart is hard. A heart is something you take care of. Protect it. Use it for your advantage. Progress with heart. Love and take responsibility. What ever it is you do today. Do it with heart.  Take care of it, but allow others to see this feeling. Follow your dreams with heart. Emotion. Passion.Walk with a heart and continuously believe that you are taking the right footsteps. Those who are AWESOME trust and believe in their heart.


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