BeAwesome: #207 Elevate

BeAwesome: #207 Elevate

Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things- Denis Diderot 


I’ve seen many individuals elevate themselves to new heights. Take on and take charge of a destiny or path. I write following a dream. Being successful. And being yourself. To do these things you must elevate yourself to another level. The way you carry yourself. The way you look at others. Your motivation and effort. All of these things must be elevated before you can reach the place you want to reach. Those who are famous or live a hollywood lifestyle. A good portion of them waited and gradually elevated themselves into the lime light. Their effort and work ethic stayed consistent and their faith in themselves never changed. Something inside of them, made them continue to keep going. Anyone can quit. It is easy. Lots of people take the easy way out. I talk about staying mediocre. Staying average (nothing against average) but shoot for the stars. Believe you can elevate yourself to the moon. Elevation takes years of pushing oneself. Years of complete commitment to specific goals and meanings. Those who are AWESOME elevate. We do not use magic. We elevate and continue to believe in our footsteps. Elevate



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