BeAwesome: #208 Exceed

BeAwesome: #208 Exceed

It seems we always exceed even our own expectations-after a lot of hard work, though- Robert Williams 


Exceed beyond measure. Exceed beyond pain and boarders between you and happiness. Do the very best you can, when ever you can. Put in your max amount of effort at all times. When you want to exceed never settle for okay, or just right. Try and push yourself to a max amount. To exceed means to be greater than or superior. Believe you have more left. Keep going. If you believe you will be average or in the middle. That is where you will end up. If you believe you will exceed and reach the top, that is where you will go. One must consider the love to be great. The love to be successful. One must want to exceed over the hill. Over the rock that is stuck in the ground. One must consider thy friend. And thy family. To exceed one must keep these individual close. Some type of support or group of encouragement. To exceed one must start a fire. Find what ever it is to keep this fire going. One must exceed through pain and suffering. One must believe there is a way. Those who are AWESOME exceed. A continuous push towards greatness. Exceed



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