BeAwesome: #210 Optimistic

BeAwesome: #210 Optimistic

I stay optimistic, even when I look reality in the face- Unknown 


An important word that everyone should be familiar with. Something you should carry with you everyday. Through every task. Experience and idea you believe in. The power of being optimistic. Use it. The idea of thinking about negative thoughts not only affects our moods, but our actions and health as well. We are all fighting our own battles. It is easier, and will be made easier for some of us. How do we stay positive and believe. How do we find this silver lining. What did I learn from this? How can I make this a positive situation. Can I grow from this. Is this a stressful time and is it really worth my energy. Before becoming stressed out. Angry at a situation. Or life. Think of the positive and growth behind each experience. Take a moment when you are down in life and start to believe. Being optimistic is not magic. But it will create a happier meaning and ending to an experience. Those who are AWESOME are optimistic. We rarely stress. We understand what “really” matters. And when we should and have a meaning to be sad or worried, we talk about it with others. We are optimistic. Optimistic



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