BeAwesome: #213 Pledge

BeAwesome: #212 Pledge

Let us all pledge to protect this opportunity in order to see that the wish of peace becomes a true and daily fact in this region- Mahmoud Abbas


Commitments are made every day. People wake up every morning. Randomly snap out of a fairy tale, and believe they are going to put 100% into something. It happens every day. And people fail after 1 week. 2 months. 1 year. A lot of people have zero desire to make a pledge to themselves and stay true to their idea of success. Or what it is they are working towards. People say things to be heard. Or become the centre of attention. Without zero intentions of following through. You know, some people dream of being in your position. You may think you have it bad or you are so-called struggling. If you have the ability to read this post, you are doing pretty good. Unlike many others who face the real struggle. So why is it so difficult to make a pledge. Why is it so difficult to do what ever it takes. Some just don’t have the heart. Some are scared to put in the work. And others are just simply satisfied with what they have. Their should be no limit to your success. You should always be pushing yourself to the limit. Making a pledge and holding true to this agreement will help you get to the next stage. Those who are AWESOME pledge. Signing the dotted line. Understanding the circumstances. And believing the impossible. Pledge


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