BeAwesome: #214 Nap

BeAwesome: #214 Nap

I catnap now and then, but I think while I nap, so it’s not a waste of time- Martha Stewart 


Some of us love to sleep(Check BA: #188). Some of us need a certain amount of hours throughout the day (what ever that is) to sleep. Your body is trained and that is what you need. Can that amount of hours be changed? Of course it can. But for now it is what you and your body is satisfied with. In life, I request sleep. I think those who are successful sleep. But. At the same time have the ability  to work without. So Nap. You have a certain amount of hours/time in a day. These hours are dedicated to certain people. Obstacles. Goals. And mountains you are trying to climb. All of these things need dedicated hours. I’m not requesting that you never sleep. I am not requesting that you stay up all hours of the night. I’m requesting that you use your 24 hours wisely and nap. Use naps so you can focus. Stay alert and on task. Use naps to steal an extra hour when you wake up in the morning. Use naps to stay up. Stay up a little later than usual. Use naps. Naps are small but powerful tools. They can be the difference in winning and losing. Those who are AWESOME nap. Nap



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