BeAwesome: #215 Super

BeAwesome: #215 Super

Imagination is but another name for super intelligence- Edgar Rice Burroghs


You may think you have to do a number of things to be super. And you are right. You must follow a number of rules to be considered this word (my Opinion if it means anything to you) Because the word is used so often. The first thing that comes to mind is Superman (obviously). Nothing against Superman. But we are not here to discuss the topic. Super. To be above. Or beyond. Powerful. Graceful. To be cherish-able to oneself and others. Simple right? Love the person you are in and others around you (even if they are haters or so-called enemies). An individual will become super when he/she carries themselves in a manner that not only display a proud self. But a proud being and happy belief and encouragement for others. The only way you may reach you highest potential is to continuously love and care for other people. Help out. Do what you can. Be something positive on earth. Being super means going well beyond the norm of societies expectations to care for others. Those who are AWESOME are super. Our mindset is different. Caring for others is a priority.



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