BeAwesome: #216 Rich (SuperRich)

BeAwesome: #216 Rich (SuperRich)

Think and grow rich– Napoleon Hill 


I’ve been reading a lot of books lately. I’ve become a frequent reader, and I suggest you do the same. I’ve been reading a lot of books that have to do with being successful and helping build self-image, and being confident in the “you”. I’ve come across this book that really made me underline and circle everything “Russel Simmons- Super Rich”. I mean I think I highlighted every word in this book. Russel talks about his meaning of rich and how he’s become so rich throughout his life. Now before you think about the title, and jump to conclusions, Russel spends very little time talking about actual “money”. He does mention how this part of your life, with time, will ultimately take care of its self. Of course, if you follow or decide to pursue a number of steps that he suggest. Mr. Simmons credits his success from his hustle, yoga, meditating and faith in God (well that is what I got from it anyway). Some of the circles and highlights I covered were the following:

Page 7: Where you walk through life with a smile on your face and give without expectation

Page 28: I’ve only chased things that I thought would make others happy. Never money

Page 70: It’s imperative that they realize that the first step in doing so is to work their hardest at what ever job they have today.


Page 97: I want to stress that making money just for the sake of getting paid is a pedestrian activity that you can rise above. Your focus should be on developing the courage and the conviction to get paid through creating a product or service that you believe in and the world really needs

Page 104: Your only work is to be awake and focus in the moment. The results of that work belong to God

Page 149: What matters is that your actions are non-harming, uplifting and humble. As long as you can live in that spirit, you’ll always be moving toward God, no matter what religion you align yourself with

I could go on, and on with great quotes from this fabulous book. It is extremely eye-opening in content and easy to read. Mr. Simmons is right to the point and covers a variety of topics we often think about, but never fully discuss with ourselves or others (Building bridges/Accepting the answer/attracting the world). If you take anything from this book review, Russel request that you believe in yourself and go get what ever it is you want, and be success. Take the trails and errors and use them as stepping-stones to success. I suggest reading this book.  Thanks Rus!


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