BeAwesome: #218 Reward (15 Awesome Ways To Reward Yourself)

BeAwesome: #218 Reward

Reward (15 Awesome Ways to reward yourself)

Enjoy a nice cup of tea


Find a tea you really like. Ask a friend. Grandma. Aunt. Uncle. What they like to drink. Coffee is (okay) but tea is more healing and feels better (personal opinion). You can put milk in it. It can put you to sleep. Love. Kindness. Some teas wake you up. Add Milk. It can be sweet. Bitter or just right. It taste good during all seasons. Warm. Refreshing and rich. Tea is everything you can ever ask for. Tea

Enjoy a glass of wine (Under 19 (Canada) Under 21 (USA) Milk)


Believe it or not, a glass of when can preserve your memory. Search and get your hands on the right one. Guys are allowed to drink wine too (Don’t be shy gentlemen). White. Red. It doesn’t matter, as long as you are okay with the taste. Build better bones. Boost your body’s defenses. It’s a celebration in your mouth. In moderation. In mod-er-ation (ladies..aha) Energy. Wine helps the body set itself in a relaxed mode. Requesting that you put your feet up and enjoy the moment and the time spent with your glass. Wine

Plant a tree


Trees and flowers are beautiful. The structure. The art. The shape. The height. The weight. The dimensions. The growth of anything (mostly anything) is a sight to see. Watching something grow. The process something takes. The care and importance you have to take in regards to this thing, of life. It is great. Plant a tree. It is eye-opening. Caring. Appreciative. It is something special to watch. Reward your self with another life. Plant

Bubble Bath (Music=Extra Relaxing)


Turn the music up. Put your feet up. Splash in some bubbles. And lay. The bath is slowly going out of style. A lot of people consider themselves too busy to bathe in the tub. So they quickly stand up in a shower. Which is okay. It all does the trick. BUT. A bath is so much more relaxing. Bubbles. Warm water against your skin. A little sting from the hot water. Goosebumps on your back. Dripping of soap. Your favorite body wash and cleaner. Everyone needs to enjoy a bath once in a while. Takes you to another place. Fairy tale land. Space. All of those wonderful dreams come true in a bubble bath. Soft music always works. But it is up to you. Bubble Bath

Bake something sweet


Everyone loves baking. Or loves to try. Loves to eat. Loves to look. Some people bake to simply look at what they’ve made. Or give it to someone else. And you know what that is fine. Email me. Call me and let me know when you do this, and I can take all this baking off your hands:-). Baking is fun. It gives you a different mind-set. It allows you to break free from this other world. Brownies. Cookies. Cakes. Pies. Squares. So many options. Reward yourself with something sweet, or a task that allows you to focus on something other than your passion. Bake.

Write or read a book


I use to hate writing. I use to never get along with reading either. I think university ruined the reading thing for me. And writing. Well I just never really liked writing. But when you write and you have no fear of messing up (like myself). It is free. And moves so much smoother. I write the way I want to write. I have spelling mistakes. I use commas and periods were ever I want. It is fun. And no one can tell me I’m wrong because it is my writing. Read what you like. Pick up a book that interest you and read it. Make notes. Mark in it. Remember what you’ve learned from each sentence or paragraph. Reading can put you in your own complete zone. Just like writing. Reward yourself. Write or read a book.

Go for a walk


I love going for walks. They are probably one of my favorite things to do. I go for walks alone or with other people (friends :-). Why I like walks. One. Fresh air is amazing. It is great to go outside, and smell and feel fresh air. Two. The sounds and smells, sit off every feeling and sense in your body. The sights. The feeling of your feet and shoes, stepping and grinding against the ground. Walking. Walking is great. It is a place you can go when your mind is racing. It slows your mind down. And allows you to deeply think about your thoughts and life choices. Trails. Sidewalks. Beaches. Go for a walk

Take a nap


Treat yourself. Lay down and take a nap. What is a nap? A nap is not 5 hours. That is called sleeping. A nap is between 15-30mins long. Anything longer will affect deeper sleep later on in the night. Avoid caffeine after 3pm. A nap will help you stay up if need be. It is hard for some to nap because it is a slight tease. It feels good during the time, and when your alarm (use an alarm so you do not over sleep) goes off you hate the fact that you have to get up. Find a pillow. Maybe a blanket. Actually no blanket if you can. A nap consist of the unexpected. It is usually in full clothes. Without the trimmings. Dream. Lay. Get comfy. A nap can change your entire day. Try it. Nap

Go to a movie


A lot of people love going to the movies. And of course it is fun. I usually go in the summer. When all the big blockbuster films are presented. It gets you away from the outside world. It can be relaxing. It makes you think about everything other than what was on your mind before you entered the theatre. Popcorn. Oh how I love the popcorn. White or purple vitamin water. Dill. Lots of dill. White Cheddar. Or BBQ. You do not need someone to go with to enjoy a movie. I just named 3 things that make your trip worth wild alone. Personal me time. Reflecting thoughts. Comfy seats. Butter. Lights. Sound. Go to a movie



Some of us love it. Some of us hate it. But hey, this is a part of life, whether you like it or not. Exercise because your body will love you in the long run. Start slow and gradually work you way up. Excercise does not have to involve lifting weights. It does not have to involve running 100000km. Exercise is a lot of different things put together. Exercise good eating habits. Exercise a good attitude. Go for a walk. Don’t always go for that extra piece of dessert. Drink water. Take the stairs. Drive a bike. All of these things are important. Your health is something you need to be responsible for. Exercise it. Exercise



Cuddle you ask? Yes, you are reading this correctly. Take some time out and cuddle. It is one of the greatest things you will ever experience in life (true story). Hold tight. Get comfortable. Look at the stars or the moon or what ever it is you like at while you are relaxed. Allow soft conversation. Talk to your self. Talk to the individual you are cuddling with. (Ps: It doesn’t have to be a person). Teddy bears and pillows work fine for me on lonely nights;-) Cuddle



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