BeAwesome: #220 Amplify

BeAwesome: #220 Amplify

Money and success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there- Will Smith 


To make larger or more powerful. To increase the volume. To make bigger and increase the size of your ambition. Extent the amount of faith and courage you have in your passion. Add that extra push or step to what has already gotten you thus far. Enlarge your hope for change in your future. Beyond the boundaries of truth. And over the obstacles of unrealistic and real life. Raise. Stretch. Strengthen and widen your deepened heart for change. Simplify. Turn up the bass. Listen to the amplified sound of difference. The difference of an amplified life that recommends that you do your best, carry out accomplishments that you only dream and wish to encounter and take full forth throughout this thing called life. Turn it up. Make some noise Amplify. Those who are AWESOME amplify. They are able to raise their level no matter the occasion. Amplify



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