BeAwesome: #222 Satisfy

BeAwesome: #222 Satisfy

Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction- Erich Fromm


Are you satisfied. Because some people are only satisfied if this and this come true. Or this happens. Or this takes place. In life, to become satisfied, you have timeless ways to live and be grateful for what you have. For starters, we need to notice what is right. What has been given to us. Things we take for granted. We cannot magically escape traffic. A long line-up at a grocery store. A rain storm or a certain situation from happening. What we can do is realize what is right about the situation. What is right about keeping your cool. Take the time to begin to notice what life throws at you and adjust it to your liking. Be kind. Savor the moment. When things are not going exactly how you want it to go, be satisfied for the little things that did work out. Be happy. For you may have another chance to try again, or the process in getting this far might have been a definite learning experience. Rest. Be satisfied with your calling. Your strengths. Your well-being. Those who are AWESOME are satisfied. We understand when being satisfied is okay. We understand when we need to be pushed beyond this word. Satisfied



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