BeAwesome: #223 Boss (Live Like A Boss)

BeAwesome: #223 Boss (Live like a boss)


One of the most intriguing jobs in the world is being your own boss. Waking up when you want to. Staying focused on a specific task as long as you want. Managing what you want to manage. Taking a break when you want to take a break. Giving and spending what ever it is you want to give and spend. You have total control of your entire life. Now being a boss isn’t that easy. Mine you, those are some of the great benefits of being a BOSS. But. With this job, comes responsibility. Commitment. And a crazy work ethic. Anyone can become a BOSS and stay still. Be satisfied (read the last post) and never move from their position ever again (that is fine, if you are okay with that). But a real BOSS keeps pushing and searching for new ideas. New ways to make life a challenge. Make life worth living. They continuously find ways to better themselves and the people around them. (People around them) How do you live like a boss? Follow these 7 steps below:

  1. Love something- Love is a beautiful thing. Without love. Life is measurable
  1. Look at how you treat yourself- Take care of yourself. It is okay to be selfish. You are special
  1. Own your actions- What you do is you. Everything you say or do has your signature on it
  1. Quiet inner critics- When you think you can’t, you probably can. Believe and it will happen
  1. Learn to say NO- You cannot say Yes to everyone. Control your yeses
  1. Just do it- You want to try something new. Just do it. If you fail, it will be a learning experience
  1. Read as much as you can- Learn about your craft. How to be a better you. Take advice

Those who are AWESOME are like a BOSS


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