BeAwesome: #224 Assemble

BeAwesome: #224 Assemble

I’m trying to assemble materials for a different mode of life- Henry Flyn 


I’d like to consider myself blessed for a variety of reasons. While growing up, for some odd reason I’ve been able to assemble a stable group of friends. I truly believe they care about me (some of them.ahaha). And will do anything they can to assist me when needed. Some people have no one. Or believe they have no one like this in their life. This is unfortunate. Because we as humans need to assemble, collect, gather, rally, convene a group or individuals who share a common purpose in life. Whether that purpose is living life to the fullest. Sharing personal interest. Reading. Walking. Playing board games. What ever it maybe, we need to assemble a group around us in case of need. Talking to. Cheering up. A group can be one. Two. Or even three individuals. But we all need to assemble this type of relationship. Those who are AWESOME assemble these individuals/individual. We cherish them. Build s stable e group Thank them. Love them. Assemble



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