BeAwesome: #228 Teach

BeAwesome: #228 Teach


Note: Teachers are great. It is a beautiful profession. Cherish and love all of your teachers:-) 🙂

Experience is the teacher of all things- Julius Caesar 


We are all teachers in a way. We are full of knowledge. Wise words and sayings. We learn new things about life everyday. Whether or not we share this information, that is entirely up to you. Sharing knowledge and teaching others about what you value and love is important. As a teacher you are often unsatisfied. Meaning. You are always eager to learn more, and experiment with better ways to achieve success. As a teacher we have high expectations. Not to face others with fear, but yet trying to bring the best out of everyone. As a teacher you create independence. Encourage extra help, but allowing struggle so others can figure out solutions on their own. Knowledgable. Teachers are passionate about something they love. You can often read it on their face. Teachers are flexible. Teachers see the broader picture. Those who are AWESOME are teachers. Willing to help others be themselves. Patient and humble. Respectful and willing to learn from others. Teacher



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