ImInKuwait: Week 1

ImInKuwait: Week 1

Look for 1 (or 2) post  a week about this awesome journey!

First Arrival & Reaction: 

I finally arrived in Kuwait! (Tuesday, August 21st) It happen so fast. It feels like yesterday, I was sitting home with friends and family, talking about old stories and up coming events in our lives. Time really does go by fast.

This being my first international experience, in and out of airplanes, sitting and walking around different airports, I must say it was fun so far. From Halifax to Toronto, from Toronto to Frankfort, Germany, from Frankfort to Kuwait, City. It has all been a blur so far. The great news is that I happen to meet up with two friends I was originally introduced to in Toronto, in January at a job fair (Search Associates). It was great to see familiar faces! Side note: I also ran to an X Grad, Mr.@MichaelMarusek. Who happen to be wearing a Be Awesome t-shirt which was pretty cool (sorry no picture:-(.

Once we finally arrived into Kuwait. I quickly saw the difference in culture. It was not a shock, but it was great to see in person the many different groups and backgrounds. It was really neat. As we walked towards customs, I slowly tried to figure out who else (out of the people walking) were teachers. I failed miserably. It was hard to tell, seeing it could have been anyone. I gave up sooner or later, and finally ran into someone else looking to pick up their luggage that was attending the same school as myself. I knew if the teachers at the school were anywhere as nice as this couple (H & J) it was going to be a great year!

As me and a few other teachers walked out customs, and into the lobby of the airport, I noticed how much The American School of Kuwait, really cared about their new teachers. Signs. Friendly people. Water. You name it. ASK had everything together and running smoothly as soon as we arrived. It was fast. Efficient. And well-organized. Thank you so very much for that.

For the first time, stepping outside into Kuwait weather? Lets just say it was roughly 12:00pm at night and the weather was above 38-40 easily. The dry (very dry) heat literally smacked me in the face as I walked towards the bus that would take us to our apartments. It was a different kind of heat. It is warm and very steady. It didn’t really make you sweat. But the wind would sometimes make it hard to breathe if not use to the temperature.

After we finally arrived back to our apartments, I must say I was very impressed (See How I’m living blog post). I would say we are a bit spoiled here at ASK. The great hospitality. Great conversation. And great bowl of fruit and groceries in our fridge before we’ve even moved in was a nice touch. Everything was done very professionally, and greatly appreciated by everyone.

After a little roaming around, and checking out other apartments. It was time to crash and get some sleep. Obviously, I had to unpack and clean my apartment first (and that is what I did). Day 1 was over, and this journey was about to begin..



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