ImInKuwait: Week 2

ImInKuwait: Week 2


So seeing that week 1 was a blurrr, week 2 was much of the same. The weekends are different here in Kuwait(Friday & Saturday ) and Sunday is a work day. It can easily throw you off a bit, but im sure I will get use to it. I continue to remind myself of the time and day of the week. Being so busy, you forget what week it is. I guess this can be a good and bad thing at times.

DelishPotatoes: -)

To start this week, as a group we went to a beautiful Lebanese restaurant called Mais AlGhanim (see pictures). For starters, let me just say it was absolutely  amazing! If you ever happen to come to Kuwait;-) you must go to this restaurant and try everything.ahah As a group we were able to share and taste a variety of different foods, including salads. The service and waitresses were awesome. The minute you seemed out of water, your glass was full. The second you finished a plate of anything, it would disappear from your table. It was fast, polite and very tasty!

Later in the week, as a group our school staff (and new staff) followed up with further orientations to new programs and school rules. Being a first year, freshly graduated I felt a bit overwhelmed by the programs and instructions. Everything seemed to make sense, only it was so much to take in and think about. Daily 5 for literacy. Every day math for Mathematics. Responsive classroom for our everyday community inside the school. It seemed to have a great direction. Now it is time to try to apply it to the classroom! I am confident and putting in place these educational tools!


Speaking of classroom (See pictures) I finally received my first classroom! Tear. It was a bit emotional state for I slowly looked around and imagine my student desk where I wanted them. Posters and pictures on the walls. Space for art work and student achievements. It was great. Matter of fact, it was perfect. I opened the space in the middle of my class for morning meetings.  Overall, it is almost ready for some students!

The school itself  is great! The admin and staff areoverly kind and always willing to help out and take great care of you. They understand being what it is like to be in a new school, the ups and downs you may face. I feel confident that I will receive the support I need to become a great teacher in this school. The school goes from KG1-12 (I believe). The elementary being the biggest half of the school with over 100 teachers/staff to organize the group. Between turf soccer fields. The Dome gym. The walking outside to reach another classroom. The smiling workers cleaning or watering the grass. The warm feeling of ASK (American School of Kuwait) is welcoming and very intriguing so far. I am really looking forward to the start of the school year.

Earlier in the week:


We went to Fahaheel Mall where we could find local products such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. The fish market, literally had live and dead fish laying out on counters. Every fish/seafood you can imagine. Locals would politely ask you to talk or take a look at what they had, some also asked you to actually try (taste test). I did not. The meat section was very similar. It did not smell as strong as the fish but it had a certain vibe about it. From live chickens. Animals skinned and hanging from store racks. It was something I’ve never seen before. Locals would sit next to their doors and mingle with other workings next to them. These markets were available to anyone, along with a local grocery store that had your average foods and produce.


In and outside the mall you could see a variety of electronic stores along with hardware accessories. Lots of people walking from store to store or simply enjoying the nice weather by the water. The streets were really busy. And if you are wondering? Kuwait has every store, possibly MORE then alot of other countries/states/provinces etc. It is very, very westernized. Every jewelery store. Perfume. Fastfood restaurants. Clothing. Athletics. Kuwait is very up to date with the rest of the world (so it seems so far) especially with electronics. Very popular. You will find the youngest kids walking around the mall with ipads, iphones or macbook computers.

Because this post is getting a bit long. I leave you with this. Try something new every day. Never assume by the look. By the word. By the smell of something. Find out for yourself. And determine “your” decision on it.

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Until next time!

Check out this gas price!!

Gas Prices?
This filled a bus!

If you are wondering. You are not seeing 4KD (Kuwait) is equal to 13.oo$ or so in Canada/(14.00$ US) And yes that is 66.6 Litres of gas!

-Next Week 3 Preview: Kids and Parents!



2 thoughts on “ImInKuwait: Week 2

  1. Your classroom looks beautiful! Good luck, have a wonderful school year. As a long time teacher, I am happy to see that you are using the Responsive Classroom model. Our school has been a RC school for many years, and we love it.
    Have fun!

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