BeAwesome: #232 Battle

BeAwesome: #232 Battle

If you have no faith, you’ve lost your battle– Bill Cosby 


Through life you will run into struggle. You will run into obstacles in which you believe are impossible to overcome. Thats life. Without these battles and hardships, your body and mind will become immune to the standard. The normal. The expected. What motivates one person to fight through these battles can be very different from what motivates another even though they are striving for the same or different goals. To battle your mind & thoughts. You will see pictures. Writings. Movies in your head that tell you to stop. Give up. Or give in. What separates the believers from the non-believers is the fact that, believers try to beat the mind every-single time. Of course. The battle is worth the outcome. Each battle will give you momentum for the next. Your self-esteem and power will increase. And your battle will no longer be a struggle but yet a small hump in the road to your success. Those who are AWESOME battle. We put our armour on and go to war with our thoughts and mind to overcome which ever struggle life presents to us.Battle


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