BeAwesome: #333 Should

BeAwesome: #333 Should

Knowledge of what is does not open the door directly to what should be- Albert Einstein 

What do you care about?

Could of. Should of. Would of. Yeah, you’ve probably heard this a million times right. But lets focus on the should. We have so many influential people in our lives that we occasionally listen to what they say. We take in advice and usually deeply think about what they are asking. But should you. Listening is great. I love to listen. But what should you do. Sometimes you should do what you like. As long as it is positively influencing the world. Sometimes you should listen to your own thoughts and raise your hand when you disagree. Sometimes you should. Sometimes you should get away. Rest. Do something you’ve always dreamt of. Should. Sometimes you should. Sometimes you should help out. Sometimes you should give spear change to the individual you see every morning on the street. Even though your friends look at you like your crazy. Sometimes you should. Who cares. Sometimes you should. Those who are AWESOME should. Listen to the should in your head and sometimes do it. Don’t let the “would of” or “could of” get in the way. Should.



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