BeAwesome: #235 Consider

BeAwesome: #235 Consider

Consider the rights of others before your own feelings, and the feelings of others before your own rights- John Wooden 


Consider: Think carefully about (something), typical before making a decision or speaking; each application is considered. Think about and be drawn toward (a course of action). To take into account. Be understanding, understandable and patient. There are always going to be that someone who can annoy you. Easily make you upset by everything they say. Everything they do. Maybe you will ignore them. Pay them very little attention or no mind at all. Maybe they will cause you to become upset. When this happens you must try to consider what this person is offering you. A chance to make “you” a better person.  Never Judge. Everything is done with purpose. Be the bigger person and learn from this experience. Never allow one or even two encounters of another, spoil a future or up and coming experience.  Be nice. Listen to what they have to say. Never get walked on. Those who are AWESOME consider. Consider



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